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Michelle Obama for Supreme Court

Obama needs to try to get Michelle on the Supreme court. It’s amazing how many people have come out talking about stopping Obama from putting another Judge on the Supreme Court. This is the classic example of the people that have the resources are scared and want to keep everything the same.  Now the republicans are planning on blocking whoever Obama picks… What you are seeing is people that are doing everything that they can to keep everything the same… So what’s the solution…. We have to focus on getting people to vote for those Senate Elections.  The same amount of people that come out to Presidential Elections needs to come back out to the Senate Elections. Them clowns up there don’t represent the majority of America but only represent those few people that came out to vote… We need a black woman in the Supreme Court anyway…. Clarence Thomas is a fucking sale out, he doesn’t represent any interests or advancements of people of color although he has benefited from all of our struggles. It’s Obama’s last year so he should go out like a G and do what the fuck he wants to do……

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How to Win the Lottery in Georgia and Stay Anonymous

So a cluck head law maker is talking about taking 25% from your winning so you can win without no one knowing!! ONLY A FOOL would do this!! You can already do it for FREE!! Win the lotto and GET YOU AN ATTORNEY! The attorney will tell you to just set up a trust and put the winning ticket under the trust and just make yourself the trustee. Very Simple and you can do this right now!! 25%.. BOY STOP!!!!!!

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DR. DRE’s Album on Apple Music and NOT TIDAL Should be No Surprise….

01 Mar 1997 --- Dr. Dre --- Image by © Sue Kwon/Corbis

01 Mar 1997 — Dr. Dre — Image by © Sue Kwon/Corbis

Dr. Dre GOT PAID from Apple and we know how it goes, loyalty goes with the check. I understand what JZ is trying to do with Tidal and WE all know that APPLE has been the pimps of the music industry since record stores went out but let’s see how this streaming war is going to play out. You have PRINCE releasing his album on TIDAL and APPLEMUSIC just released Dr. Dre’s new album which shouldn’t be no surprise to anyone. When Tidal does get the new Dr. Dre album it will most likely be when all the hype is over. JZ should concentrate on BREAKING NEW artists on Tidal and that will separate APPLE MUSIC from TIDAL… Apple music feels like a CORPORATE company while tidal should feel like you going to your brothers house to listen to music.. They need me on the marketing team up there!! Yo JAY Z…. HIT ME UP ABOUT BENJAMIN BRIM BEST NEW ARTIST HANDS DOWN (Don’t wait until I get the BDS up show new artists the power of Tidal, get a buzz on Tidal then go on tour) I hope Tidal wins because I’m all about the underdog but they better get the right team up there to work that shit out or AppleMusic is going to roll over them….

I just logged into my ASCAP account to make sure all of my songs were listed, there is not going to be anymore money in people buying music, all the music is going to come from performance royalties and shows. All y’all new producers in the game, once you get that hit record, you better try to get as much money up front as possible.. Do that DALLAS AUSTIN move he did on LA REID for that TLC Creep record… Anyway Dr. Dre is back and the beats are good, I’m still trying to figure out if I should buy the CD or not… I think I will… I’m buying this album for the beats and I don’t want no interference from BLUE TOOTH when I am in my ride….


I hope they figure this music shit out…. Music was better BEFORE computers…. 2 inch reels….. Etc Etc…

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The Real M-DOT… RIP

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Carl Polite JR AKA M-DOT…RIP

Rest in Peace cousin. I know how motivated you were about your music career and we are going to make sure that millions of people still hear your voice.

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Great job SILVER!! This racist 12 sandwich eating MF has no place in the NBA! Once again the sad thing is that he is not the only once that feels like this and we still don’t know who is in his circle and what leadership positions that they hold!! And that damn 2.5 million dollars that they  fined him they need to purchase land and mules with all that money!


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ASSHOLE Donald Sterling talking about Jews?

A lot of people are missing the bigger issue with what asshole Donald Sterling was saying. He told his girlfriend not to be seen with black people because every time she puts it out there he gets calls about it. He then went to explain about the culture that will not change. The point is, if you think the people calling him are broke then you are crazy. The people that are calling him about his girlfriend being with black people are just a racist as he is the question is what do they do for a living? Dude is worth over 1.8 Billion so I can’t see somebody broke calling him. The point is I bet THIS CULTURE that he is talking about is in control of more then what we think.

This situation really reminds me of Michael Jackson and what he said about the Jews. I understand that Jesus was a Jew but the Jews had light Jews and Dark Jews and each were treated differently, I just don’t understand the full story. How about if Donald Sterling’s friends are in other leadership positions in the entertainment industry, it would say a lot about a lot that we see everyday.

When Martin Luther King started talking about banning COKE he was quickly assassinated. After the bus boycott, he finally figured out that black people only get respect when they STOP spending money. Every race of people have gained wealth off the black race here in America. Free labor as slaves. (When slavery was over they didn’t redistribute the land) and every other race of people have continued to come over to America and start their businesses in the black community and quickly take the wealth else where. When you come from another country and you can’t even speak the english, you know you have to start a business, and you look to start one around people that are the most likely to spend.

What I can’t understand is our so called celebrities and leaders in our community. Fake ass Jessie Jackson will quickly start a fight with companies just to settle with the companies for a quick pay day for himself. It’s like everybody in our community has a price. Puffy is worth 700 million and JZ and B are worth what a Billion combined? but with all of their money and success they will never have the balls to come out and tell black people to stop spending money at Wal Mart or stop spending money for items that empower people that don’t support us. I think JZ said a liquor company was racist but that’s about it. How much money will it take for our so called leaders to stop thinking about their next payday and tell the people that need to hear about what is really going on. Black people spend more and have less wealth then anybody else, but when you hear these fools on TV and radio they are all talking about spending more and saving less. I now understand why dumb shit like The Housewifes of Atlanta is on TV, it makes sense.

Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have power. Who ever is in Donald Sterlings circle I bet they have real power and can effect many people directly or indirectly. I wonder who in our community has the power to get Black people to stop spending. I would say the Preacher but we know how much is talks about that 10%. We need some direction. When will the benefits of our money spent equal to the respect that should come with it?

I’ll rather be a comet by far-Andre 3000


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Big Companies Buying up all the Houses in Atlanta to Rent, cutting out the little man!

If you are trying to purchase a home in Atlanta you know what is going on. All of the houses that are in foreclosure are being purchased by these big companies right on the court house step. Before the for sale sign goes up the house is already purchased. Then they send their crews around to fix up the house (the lawn guy, the painting guy, the garage door guys) they are not just hiring a general carpenter to do all the work, they are buying so many houses so fast these guys do their part of the house and go to the next one. The problem is this is taking out the small guys and the real-estate agents. This is the same reason why I don’t shop at Wal Mart…It looks like more and more people will be renting because with the banks letting them purchase these properties in bulk at discounted prices they will get back their principle in less then 5 years.bizbeat0811

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