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JZ and Frank White’s OCEANS samples MODONNA’s Justify My Love

I love the fact that I am 37 years old and have been listening, collecting, and playing music for many years. Most of the producers that are really respected have always been older then me. When they sample most of the time I catch it… YES ROBIN THICK AND PHARELL SAMPLED the hell out of Marvin Gaye and they should pay!!! Here is another Pharrell sample.. (I say Pharrell and not Timberland because Timberland is known not to sample as much) Check out Oceans by Jay Z and Justified my Love by Modonna…. CUT THAT CHECK!! (Listen just to the BEAT)…. I might as well put it into MY MPC too since Modonna do need no extra money…

Jay-Z feat. Frank Ocean and T-Todd (Oceans) from Terrance Todd on Vimeo.


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Symia Joymarie Knight-West

Symia Joymarie Knight-West, 12, of Marietta died Nov. 22. Funeral, 10 a.m. Saturday, Shaw Temple AME Zion Church. Hanley-Shelton Funeral Directors

People always have nice things to say about someone once they die, but this little girl here was a gift to everyone she was in contact with. Every time I saw “Pooda” she would come up to me a give me a big hug. People always say I’m not that affectionate but I guess Pooda didn’t see that. As we live life trying to better ourselves and as we pray to God to forgive us for our sins, Pooda reminds me of what Christ like really means. I have never heard one negative statement said about her. God never makes a mistake and this was his plan, I hope myself and the family will better understand God and his plans for all of us.



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If Obama Strikes Syria we are in World War 3

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi , John Boehner

If Obama strikes Syria we are in World War 3. All you have to do is look at all the interest over there that will be effected. China and Russia needs that oil, they could care less about losing human life not only that why get involved anyway if over 100,000 plus people have died over the past 2 years and we have don’t nothing about that…. Just because they used chemicals this time?? Obama needs to go to CA and get a green card and smoke him one… I agree with MLK… injustice anywhere is injustice EVERYWHERE but before you go and start sending bombs,,, you better make a cost benefit analysis. Let’s not even talk about America not being back economically.

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How Candy Crush Should Sound

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First Day On Movie Set

Today was the first day I was on the set and had to figure everything out. I didn’t know about the SET the BASE and the most important part the catering part. One thing I know for sure, is I got to start writing a movie. After looking at all of the moving parts and the technology that we have it’s really not that hard… I think a movie would go great with the BENJAMIN BRIM Project..

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New Way Ship……

I had a great idea on a new way to ship packages… I told 3 people. 2 of the people couldn’t see what I was talking about so I called an executive who I knew would be able to see opportunity… He saw the market just as I saw it…. I will post more information later about this….

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Please donate to my father using the link below!!


Mr. Darnell McAlpin Sr. was born to Mr. and Mrs Joseph McAlpin Sr. on May 19, 1951 in Augusta, GA. He attended the local school system in Augusta, GA graduating for Lucy Craft Laney in 1969. After playing trumpet throughout middle and high school, Darnell was awarded band scholarships to Kentucky State, Florida A&M, Tennessee State, and Savannah State. After the birth of his first child, he decided to go to work at Owens Corning Fiberglass aka Advanced Fiber Yarn and retired after 30 years of service. Darnell McAlpin is currently awaiting a double lung transplant at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

To donate Directly to the Georgia Transplant web site please use the following link!


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Dr. Dre…. Maybe 2Pac was right!!!


People are talking crazy about Dr. Dre giving all of that money to USC and not to a historically black college but do you really think he would know any better? Every time Dre was hooked up with the BROTHERS he got ripped off (Eazy E -Suge, etc) Now with Jimmy he is richer then ever, so why not follow Jimmy, keep in mind that Jimmy has been pimpin Dre this whole time anyway. But Jimmy is a great business man and has given lots of people chances to make lots of money. People only do what they know. Keep in mind the money that they are giving away more then likely was going to be going to the government anyway so you have to give it a way to lower your taxable income while at the same time make it look like you care. Should Dre give to the HBC’s yes, but who is going to tell him? The more money people get the less they listen to people who have less then them. The only person Dre is listening to is Jimmy. Maybe JZ can step up and show him the importance of giving to the people that need it the most.

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2 Bold Has a New Artist her name is DOLA

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