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Is SANDRAROSE.COM out of control?


It is funny how people are always trying to make a name off of somebody else’s name. This is a great example of a blogger, Sandra Rose, making shit up to try to get attention. I went to her blog and think god she don’t have a picture of herself up, because she is ugly as FUCK, but anyway she is on there talking about JD giving her death threats and all that. COME ON ESTER, if JD gave you a death threat what the hell is he doing in the Gold Room tonight? The police would already have him. I called JD to hear his side of it and what he was trying to tell CLUCK HEAD is that niggas are starving out here and when you are a celebrity anytime there is beef there are niggas all around that will do anything to try to be down. If you look at Sandra’s track record she is always trying to get stuff started to get attention, what people need to do is start talking with their money. Any company that advertises with Sandra the people need to avoid those companies. Whatever situation that JD and Janet have going on that’s them; I want to know what dude in Atlanta is brave enough to be hitting Sandra!! I would use all 3 condoms in the pack before hitting that to make sure I don’t slip. JD you shouldn’t comment on this Sandra shit at all, you have nothing to gain from it, just ignore her like every man does when she is walking around Atlanta!!! UGLY BBBBBBOOOOOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHHHH


Concrete Boyz and Yogi getting back together to get this check!

Now that we know that Yung Joc is not going to cut a check until Them Concrete Boyz makes a hit, we are coming back to together to make that happen. Just note that if Joc does want to sign them to Swagg Team, the price is going up… A LOT!!!

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