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DR. DRE’s Album on Apple Music and NOT TIDAL Should be No Surprise…. « The Bankhead Blog

DR. DRE’s Album on Apple Music and NOT TIDAL Should be No Surprise….

01 Mar 1997 --- Dr. Dre --- Image by © Sue Kwon/Corbis

01 Mar 1997 — Dr. Dre — Image by © Sue Kwon/Corbis

Dr. Dre GOT PAID from Apple and we know how it goes, loyalty goes with the check. I understand what JZ is trying to do with Tidal and WE all know that APPLE has been the pimps of the music industry since record stores went out but let’s see how this streaming war is going to play out. You have PRINCE releasing his album on TIDAL and APPLEMUSIC just released Dr. Dre’s new album which shouldn’t be no surprise to anyone. When Tidal does get the new Dr. Dre album it will most likely be when all the hype is over. JZ should concentrate on BREAKING NEW artists on Tidal and that will separate APPLE MUSIC from TIDAL… Apple music feels like a CORPORATE company while tidal should feel like you going to your brothers house to listen to music.. They need me on the marketing team up there!! Yo JAY Z…. HIT ME UP ABOUT BENJAMIN BRIM BEST NEW ARTIST HANDS DOWN (Don’t wait until I get the BDS up show new artists the power of Tidal, get a buzz on Tidal then go on tour) I hope Tidal wins because I’m all about the underdog but they better get the right team up there to work that shit out or AppleMusic is going to roll over them….

I just logged into my ASCAP account to make sure all of my songs were listed, there is not going to be anymore money in people buying music, all the music is going to come from performance royalties and shows. All y’all new producers in the game, once you get that hit record, you better try to get as much money up front as possible.. Do that DALLAS AUSTIN move he did on LA REID for that TLC Creep record… Anyway Dr. Dre is back and the beats are good, I’m still trying to figure out if I should buy the CD or not… I think I will… I’m buying this album for the beats and I don’t want no interference from BLUE TOOTH when I am in my ride….


I hope they figure this music shit out…. Music was better BEFORE computers…. 2 inch reels….. Etc Etc…

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